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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
First off, did you notice that all of this year's Week 17 games are same-division games? This is actually a horrible idea! What they should have done instead is have all these games be "position games" matching up first-place teams from the previous season, second-place teams, and so on; if you do this, it greatly decreases the possibility of meaningless games because the head-to-head tie-breaker comes into play.
Assuming, of course, the teams that were playoff teams one year are in contention for a playoff spot the next year. The Panthers went from winning the division in '08 to barely winning 8 games last year. The Falcons went from 11 wins to 9 and only got to 9 wins by winning their last three games and two of those were against the Bills and Bucs.

The Pack went from 6-10 in '08 to 11-5 in '09.

Cincy went from 4-11-1 to 10-6.

The problem with this scenario is there are always two or three teams who were playoff caliber teams the previous year who struggle to get to .500 the next year and there is almost always two or three teams that are in playoff contention that only won five or six games the year before.

So trying to match them up that way would not necessarily solve the probelm entirely when you end up having a team playing for nothing against a team playing for playoff position.
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