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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
Who cares how big they are? If they suck, they suck??? So you are telling me if you put Shaq out there... just cuz he's 7-2 300+ lbs they are gonna win?

Bad players, Bad coaching... all around. I hope they finish 1-15... and have the 1st round pick in 2011

First, welcome back, dude! :wavey:

And second, with that kind of size a team should at least be above average in something, such as, for example, run defense, or short-yardage offense; and it's not like they recruited all these big guys from the corner bar or a local construction site: Every one of them was All-American in college football, or reasonably close to it.

But if the Raiders do finish 1-15, Jake Locker just might be the player that turns everything around in Oakland - just like Peyton Manning did in Indianapolis.
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