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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
What up Anthony!
Yeah, you would THINK they would play above average - but they just lack the talent imo??

If they do go 1-15.. dont forget... Patriots have their #1 pick this year for the Richard Seymore trade....

Steve, right? (That's how long it's been).

I'm doin' alright I suppose; and who do you like in this week's games - both straight up and against the spread? [I'm not very subtle - now am I? ]

And some dude on the Eagles' message board, of all places, already reminded me of that fact (that the Raiders don't have a #1 pick in the '11 draft).

Maybe they'll go 0-18 next year if the owners can get the 18-game season up and running in time for 2011? :lol:

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