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The only circumstance under which I would support this is if, concomitantly:

1. The two leagues are balanced out at 15 teams each, with one current NL team moving to the AL (if for no other reason than having five out of only 14 AL teams make the playoffs while five out of 16 NL teams did would be unfair, since in many if not most years an NL team would miss the playoffs despite having a better record than an AL team that made it); and

2. The regular season is rolled back to 154 games (one, as a sop to the "purists" and two, so the World Series can be over before Thanksgiving!), with division rivals having 18 meetings and non-division opponents within the same league having six. That's 132 games - the remaining 22 consisting of inter-league games (entire divisions being paired off on a rotating basis each year, one three-game series each, accounting for 15 of each team's interleague games, the last seven being annual Mets-Yankees, Cubs-White Sox, Dodgers-Angels type matchups).

And while they're at it, they can get rid of this All-Star Game nonsense and give the team with the better regular-season record home-field advantage in the World Series, with the stipulation that in no case can a wild card ever enjoy said advantage over a division champion (or, if they want to get really cute, use the All-Star Game result as the tie-breaker in the event that the two pennant winners finished with the same record and either both won their respective divisions, or neither did).
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