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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Oh, really?

Does the name DeSean Jackson mean anything to you?

Obviously, it doesn't mean a whole lot to McNabb.

If I were Jackson, or Kevin Curtis (1,100+ receiving yards in 2007), or Jon Runyan, or Tra Thomas, my comments on this would be unprintable in any publication less adult-oriented than Hustler magazine.

It's also rather odd - or maybe not - that McNabb does not address the power-back issue in this pathetic rant of his; and let's not forget that even if he was right about his not having any receivers and he wanted someone to blame for that, a mirror would come in quite handy.
More irony! You bring up Curtis...who you once described thus : "Kevin Curtis has feet of lead and hands of stone. He's horrible!"

You dislike McNabb : fine. I tend to disagree with some of your reasoning, but everyone has different opinions about players. But your anti-McNabb bias not only causes you to make some fairly ridiculous-seeming assertions (such as McNabb was the cause of the problems with T.O., and T.O., despite his well-known reputation as a whiner and locker room problem is blameless), it also appears to make you change your mind about other players in order to make McNabb look bad. If Curtis is as bad as you've said, and he put up even decent numbers, that would seem to be an indication McNabb is better than you give him credit for.
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I find it strange that people sit at home, around the dinner table and think, "Damnit! People are gay!"
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