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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
Misunderstood and being victimized?

Hmm...sounds familiar.

Ya know CK, you keep feeding me the company policy on young folks and I'm likely to keep dismissing your views.
Dismiss all you wish, but perhaps you could learn something

I know that you have the world figured out and there is no room for growth in your mind, but as they say...

"Never stop learning..."

"Sometimes you learn the most from the most unlikely places..."

In all fairness to ya, I think you're being sincere.
Sincere, and naive

And I'm not lumping you in with Doug either so don't fret over that. I've known him to bait and troll for years on here. I just want you to know nothing he says is held against you.
Actually, I'd have no problem being lumped in with Doug (though I'm not sure he'd say the same about me ). That dude seems to be one of the more reasonable posters on this site (along with my main man doublee).
Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.

Think Fresh.
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