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The chicken's head was lopped off this place many years ago, Marcus.

It's just been grotesquely floppin' and flailin' around since then.
The sub-idiotic banning and then unbanning of two of the board's finest posters didn't have diddly squat to do with what you have left to look at today.

This place is over as a message board.
It's merely an internet ---> rest stop <--- now and forever.

Stop by, stretch a bit, and take a dump.

I'd recommend you stop the charade and pull the plug ASAP.

Scrap the message board and leave the site up as my blog.

I'll come in and post my daily thoughts.
People can read a thought-of-the-day - and respond if they wish.

I'll do it for free, 'cuz I luv u so damn much.

Originally Posted by buckeye
Sounds to me like they're still waiting for a good old-fashion ass kicking.
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