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Well done, Joey. I have nothing to add there.

I like the Ravens in the AFC North, however, and have made note of this propensity on other occasions, often after Anthony claims they'll suck. Will they beat the Steelers? Not sure yet. I think they stand a better chance than the Browns and Bengals combined to knock off the Steelers, though.

I think this will be a bad year for the Cowboys, Joey, but I actually believe that Parcells will have the team properly geared to go out and win, if only two games, the two games against their most heated rival. I work on the presumption that Parcells, being in a pass-heavy division, will work hard on pass defense. The Redskins will continue to not run the ball, and that will be their undoing. Beating the Giants and Eagles will be tougher, because they have decidedly more respectable running games.

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