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1. I forgot about that eagle part. sorry. yes it was the giants. don,t know where my brain went.

2. yes but i can make a predicition anyway. first year or not. parcels knows his business and that is the point. best coach going.

3. tough schedule? how do you really know that. you,re talking out of school joey. we don,t know that for sure now. teams never always work out good or bad like people say they will.

4. why do you say that? spurrier was a joke terrible coach last year and parcels is the best there is. just wait and see about it.

5. i know he,s a mommas boy by his face on the sidelines. have you ever seen another nfl coach look so much rediculous like that? come on now joey. i don,t know his family much but i know his dad did not do that boy right.

6. what i mean about lewis is that he,ll beat down his own guys in practice if they don,t get with the program. he,s hungry to win and he takes no crap.

7. steelers?? HA....never will they win a big playoff game with that coach they have. bill COWARD. LOL not scared of them.

8. ok then we,ll see about it.

9. maybe this keyboard is kind of broken joey. i know english is not my best anyway so bear with me on that.

I can see that if dave is agreing with you then you,ll be wrong about most of it joey. lolol.....just joking dave. i love you.

t13 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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