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The longer Anthony hollers fire regarding his Eagles, the more I wonder how right he is. I think this division is ripe for the Giants this year, and I could see the Eagles falling flat. He failed to mention that the Eagles starting RB from a year ago is threatening to holdout, while their likely #2 is coming back from ACL injury, if memory serves, after missing all of last season. They'll probably win their first ten games, but I think they have as high a floppability as anyone else he mentioned.

Steelers-- I, for one, will not be surprised if the Steelers don't win their division. Maddox could very well flame out. His receivers matter for nothing if he can't dig the ball out of the dirt. A weaker offensive line, a less mobile QB than in recent years, and a running game that seems like it might be more predicated on the pass, which could fail, all line up for Steelers failure. The Steelers made only one move on defense in an attempt to shore up their struggles stopping the run last season. Drafting Polamalu will help, in 2004. The corners are occasionally atrocious, and when they're good, they're still rather bad. They should be able to get a pretty good pass rush with LB blitzes (as always), but that will leave them vulnerable to Todd Heap on the six-yard TE cross. And Heap can just bowl over the Steelers secondary. I, for one, expect to be calling for Cowher's head by week seven.

Denver-- My confidence in Plummer is so low, that I'll go ahead and predict that if the Broncos are to win eight games this year, they'll all be with Beuerlein at the helm. Plummer's only saving grace is Clinton Portis. Finally, Plummer will have a dominant running back behind a dominant offensive line. However, if the Broncos are to win, they'll require a steady diet of Portis handoffs. Too many Plummer passes go astray for him to be trusted. I don't expect the Broncos to flop-- I don't expect that much of them anyway; calling them a flop means there was an expectation, and the only expectation I have in INTs galore. And maybe some revisionist history by Shanahan boot-lickers.

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