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Originally posted by Brad O.
Don't give in, Dave!

The same thing happened last year, only then he kept posting about how much McNabb sucked and that the Redskins would win the East. We read it so many times that I think we all believed it, and everyone on the SCMB overrated Washington in our pre-season rankings -- all eight people who predicted records had them over the 7-9 they actually finished, and most of us had them in double digits. That doesn't even include Anthony's 12-4 prediction, posted in another thread.

The Eagles haven't really lost anyone except Douglas and Mitchell, but last time around they lost Trotter and (effectively) Buckhalter and people thought the sky was falling. It didn't happen, even when McNabb went down*. Bet on the Eagles again this year.

As for flops, I think the 49ers could be set up for a fall.

* If you scroll down a bit you'll come to the classic quote "The choices for the Eagles are now obvious: Either they sign Elvis Grbac or face a certain 7-9 finish."

Yes, a link is provided to my thread on last year's picks, but one fact is conveniently left out - and that is that the Eagles were picked by me to finish 11-5 - the same record as they had the previous year (2001). For this season, I'll make a very specific prediction: Mark October 19th down on your calendars - for on that day, Donovan McNabb will suffer a season-ending injury against the Giants at Club Med (either a broken leg or a devastating knee injury); call it poetic justice for Brian Dawkins' dirty, cowardly hit on Ike Hilliard of a year ago.

As for the Redskins, suffice it to say that there's one mistake I most assuredly will not repeat when I post my 2003 picks in a few weeks - indeed, only the fact that Dallas has the worst quarterbacking that any NFL team has entered a season with since the merger will keep Washington out of the NFC East cellar.

And no way do the 49ers drop in record at all this season from what they did last year. While I agree with Dennis Erickson's basic philosophy, his results with Seattle speak for themselves, and I almost don't begrudge Jesse Jackson & Co. for howling about the "old (white) boy network" that proved itself to be alive and well with Erickson's hiring. Even so, the 49ers are taking such a massive drop in strength of schedule (along with everyone else in their division) that even Marty Mornhinweg could lead them to 10 or 11 wins this year.
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