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The Broncos will be okay and so will the eagles. But I am slightly disappointed in anyone who thinks the steelers will be a flop and lose the division. In fact, anyone who thinks the steelers wont win is a moron. Yes a moron. First of all, the steelers have the best receiving core in the NFL. No one can disagree with that. When you have great receivers you dont need a perfect quarterback. Ill agree that Maddox will turn out to be a backup but it wont make enough difference to cause the steelers to lose the division. The steelers secondary will greatly improve with additions of Troy Pomlalu and the return of Kendrall Bell. I dont think the Steelers will win the super bowl. I dont think the steelers will a playoff game. But they win the division. No doubt about it. Think about it... Who are they gonna lose to. The Brownies, the Bungals, the Ravens.

I dont think so.

o yeah.... and Mr. Travis, if you truly believe that the eagles and the steelers will fall then obviously you know nothing about football.
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