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Well, a lot would depend on whether or not Dennis Rodman could still grab 15 boards a game and stay out of trouble.

Pippen's game has visibly diminished in the past year or two.

Jordan is 37 or 38. How much rest would he need?

A lot would also depend on the kind of talent they surrounded themselves with. They'd have to bring in quality athletes and shooters.

Remember that in 1998 the Pacers took the Bulls to a seventh game. I don't think it would be crazy to suggest that the Pacers might have beaten the Bulls by now. And what would they have done to combat Shaq and Kobe last year? I saw Kobe abuse Pippen a few weeks ago in Portland.

Basically, Jordan's comments strike me as not only speculative but egoistic. He ought to give new teams their due. Jordan is the only NBA champion in recent decades who never lost. The Sixers, Lakers, Celtics and Pistons all eventually fell apart. The Bulls were dismantled. But had they not been they'd have gone the way of all other teams. And certainly that could've happened last year.

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