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March 31 2003
4th Infantry AKA 4ID

My unit has received orders to fly out of Fort Hood, Texas around
23:00 hours.

We boarded the plane with our M16 and chemical suit at the ready; we were not issued ammo at this time. It was kind of weird having a weapon on a plane. The stewardesse were awesome, feeding us ever 2 hours and just making are trip enjoyable. At take off, landings and throughout the flight a small group of soldiers "as many that could fit" were allowed in the cockpit. That was just freaking awesome sitting in a huge plane like that taking off down the runway or seeing Atlanta at night as we were about to land.

Of course most of us were scared not knowing what to expect when we landed in Kuwait. This was around the time CNN was reporting suicide boomers would blow them selves up at check points. Those who were not scared at the moment were sad and hurt because a few hours before we said good bye to our wives, husbands, kids and parents and I think everyone one had that thought of "will I see them again" go through their head either when we said good bye or at sometime during the flight. Emotions of all kinds overwhelmed us and the best thing to do was try and get some sleep before we landed. We didn't know when the next time we would get sleep when we landed.

We arrived in Kuwait April 2nd around 08:00 or 09:00 and it was so freaking HOT. I kid you not, the sky started getting light around 04:30 on its way to frying the land before 10:00 hours.

We were all expecting to put on our chemical suits from fear that a stud missile with some type of Bio weapon would hit us. If you have ever seen an Army Bio suit the thing is full of crushed coal and will turn your skin and clothes black not to mention how damn HOT it would be along with the mask we must ware. I even thought to myself, if a missile ever does come I would rather take my chances of it not hitting around where I am then to put on all that gear and die of heat. Thankfully the last warning siren was 2 hours before we landed and I never had to put the suit on.

We stayed at the so called welcome center for a day or so and thank god the tents had A/C as the temp was well over 100 and being so close to the water it was very humid. We slept on plywood and did our best to fall a sleep.

I have 6 months of war.
Just not all in one night.

Mr Bean, I know my English sucks but if you look at another Post in the Lounge you will see I was born in Italy so just do your best to follow along without making comments about how old I might be because my reading and English sucks, I do the best I can. The Army and America didn't have a problem with my English well I served my country and neither should you, with all respect when I say that.

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