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Rocball’s Prominence & Dominance

In the sport of Rocball, a team has to completely dominate their opponents in quarter-sets of play in order to win a game.

In what has been described as a variation of volleyball or a volleyball/hybrid sport, Rocball’s deviant and rogue rules of play are based on a balance of challenges that clearly defines teams in either the offensive or defensive situation of competition.

Rocball “Saipan’s Own Sport” is the first game in the world to implement offensive and defensive scoring in this kind of team net sport, and it is now the only sport of this kind which maintains that the serve is the catalyst by which competition is best served: A team cannot win a set or game without the serve.

Whereas, volleyball was designed as a soft impact sport for middle age men back in 1895 and adopted the rally point system for softer competition in 1995; Recall’s development was based on the Maya/Aztec warrior’s sport of Talachtli with the unimpaired, hard-drive components of the pre and post puberty syndromes of young athletes, fueled by natural human growth hormones.

Whereas, volleyball’s equation of profit per play is limited to one point executions off any possible athletic skill, at any level of difficulty, from any area on court by simply grounding the ball on an opponent’s court, Rocball implemented multiple point scoring techniques that identify the different degrees of difficulty of grounding a ball on an opponent’s court, and a Rocball court includes three dimensional vertical areas of play, goals, at either end of the court.

Whereas, volleyball is bogged down in a monotonous bump, set, spike three hit numb-lock repetitious mind set, Rocball play includes five hit plays to allow more diversity in game strategies, more spontaneous active and reactive scenarios in both offensive and defensive scoring, and has implemented more unpredictable dramatic activity in this kind of team net sport than volleyball.

What is Rocball? You can read and/or down-load the rules, regulations, and graphics of how Rocball is played on the internet. The Rocball homepage has been recently revised and you can connect to it by using Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. or find more materials in news releases on forums of in general discussion under “Wooden Stakes, Silver Bullets, and Hemlock, or volleyball in general discussion under Rocball, or in general discussion under volleyball/soccer all by Feger.
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