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Joey, the punt return practice I saw Monday, they alternated Faulk, Brown, Branch, Wilson, and Samuel in return. None had much opportunity to show anything. If anything, I'd say that Branch had the best opportunity to do anything once he caught the ball, but they weren't doing much return/coverage stuff; more punt and catch.

I meant to mention that both the rookie corners were back there taking punts, but forgot, so thanks for checking on that.

As for Faulk, I didn't see him get many carries. He got a couple, but most of the carries went to Smith and Cloud, with Redmond tending to line up with the second offense and almost exclusively acting as a receiver out of the backfield. Which is weird, given that Faulk proved last season he could be a real threat on 3rd down, catching or running.

I failed to mention that during play practice, they ran the HB direct snap SEVERAL times (I lost track of how many times). I think that was split between Redmond and Faulk, but I don't recall the split on number of snaps each got.

If I had to guess from one training session, I'd say Faulk may be returning punts and splitting 3rd downs with Redmond. However, I may have seen so much Redmond because he's a guy really on the borderline, especially with Cloud looking stronger than expected. I'd say that when Cloud is eligible to play in Week Five, if he doesn't have setback in training or during preseason, that either Redmond or Faulk will be cut.

Brady is for real. He looked pretty sharp, especially short, his forte. Of course, he did chased out of the pocket once and looked very uncomfortable scrambling, and threw a pass nearly picked by Law.

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