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Is the AFC weakened?
Hmmmm ....
I dunno, Sagarin ratings show the AFC having 4 of the top 6 teams.

1. Titans
2. Steelers
4. Ravens
6. Colts

When the Colts won it all in the 2006 season they were dead LAST in the league against the run and 21st in overall defensive yards allowed.
This year they are 25th v. the run and 11th overall in yds allowed.

You can make a strong case that this year's Colt defense is better than the Super Bowl winning team of two years ago.

But yeah, they're not running the ball well at all -- 30th in the league.

Still, they are a dangerous team, imo.

They've gotten hot down the stretch and that is normally what Super Bowl winning teams do.
Granted, the wins they've had have not come against murderer's row.

I would look for Pittsburgh or Tennessee to ultimately win the AFC, but the Colts have a puncher's shot, as I see it.
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