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I think the AFC is a bit weakened, despite the Sagarin rankings giving them 4 of the top 6. The Titans are #1 in those rankings, but I don't think I'd consider them a Top 4 NFL team.

Really, it just seems like the teams with the strong defenses are in the AFC are able to be more consistent over the course of the season. Compared to the NFC, I'm not sure the AFC is quite as good or deep, but the teams with real good defenses, Titans, Steelers, Ravens, it kind of skews it in their favor. But, in reality, the teams are spread so evenly. Steelers have looked very good, but have losses to the Eagles and Giants. The Titans don't have a particularly difficult schedule, so they built up a nice W-L record. Baltimore is able to win against teams that they can impose their defense on, but have struggled a bit more with teams that can match them with defense. (Wins against the Eagles, Cowboys...losses to the Steelers twice, Titans, Giants)

There isn't a dominant team out there, so it's tough to really rank and compare teams. Everyone has their issues. I'd just put the NFC at a little bit deeper.

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