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Default Welcome Back, Tie Games!

Since the adoption of regular-season overtime in 1974, there have never been more than two games ending in a tie in the same season - but with the owners voting to shorten overtime from 15 minutes to 10 last week, there are almost certain to be a lot more than that in 2017 and beyond. How many more remains to be seen.

And the article linked below ignores a fourth, and definite, consequence of the rule change - namely, that teams will win (and lose) playoff spots by the margin on a half game; e.g. 10-6 over 9-6-1, instead of having to rely on tie-breaking procedures which as often as not give the playoff spot to the wrong team. Example: In a year in which the AFC won most of the inter-conference games, two NFC teams tie for a playoff spot and it goes to the team with the better record within the conference. Isn't that rewarding the team that did better against weaker competition? Even the head-to-head tie-breaker isn't really fair if one team beat the other team at home.

When the NFL implemented the two-point conversion in 1994, there were actually celebratory references made to it in a TV commercial or two. While there don't figure to be any of those for this change, I do celebrate it - wholeheartedly.
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