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Originally Posted by IntheNet View Post
You don't mind if we drain 40% of the air in your car tires do you? Has no affect on your what is the problem?
IntheNet.....are you a doctor? Medical student? Midwife even? In short, do you have the experience/knowledge to know that taking amniotic fluid is in any way dangerous? I may be completely wrong, but I thought amniotic fluid was drawn as a way to perform certain tests during pregnancy. I read the article, it said "They reported they were able to extract the stem cells without harm to mother or fetus...". Your car tire analogy seems ridiculous. You pull the number 40% out of nowhere. The researchers used donated amniotic fluid, which certainly doesn't indicate a harmful amount was removed from any one person.

Sometimes I wonder if you mean the things you type, or if you're just looking for a reaction from people here
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