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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
But unless the Packers' front office had clairvoyant powers 18 months ago - and the Eagles' front office had those same powers back in 1999 - you have to admit that it doesn't look good when McCarthy - up to that point a proven failure as an offensive coordinator, and Reid - who as of the spring of 1999 had never been so much as a high-school-level coordinator in his entire life - got hired as head coaches, while Sherm Lewis then - who was Reid's immediate boss in Green Bay since he was their offensive coordinator - and Ted Cottrell more recently, were passed up.

It is rather obvious that Dr. King's dream is a long way from becoming a reality.
I don't find anything to disagree with here, except to reiterate that as much as I'm an advocate of minority hiring -- it's shameful how long Marvin Lewis and Lovie Smith waited for HC jobs -- I don't think Cottrell is head coach material. I think the Niners' hiring of Erickson a few years back -- because John York was more "comfortable" with the white Erickson than with the leading minority candidates -- exemplifies the problem.

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But if you're the owner of a team you have to go after the 18-to-34 demographic - not the 55-to-84 demographic - since that's where your customers are, and that's where the money is (when was the last time you saw a septuagenarian wearing a brand new LaDainian Tomlinson replica jersey?). Yet Jeffrey Lurie is clearly not doing this: So long as all of the Eagles' home games aren't at 1:00 on Sunday afternoon, the fans aren't coming to the stadium wearing bags over their heads (or not showing up at all), and the announcers aren't J.C. Pearson and Matt Vasgersian, he's satisfied.
I certainly understand why you think this way, but I don't agree. I think fans would rather have some hope -- make the playoffs every year, win your home games -- than win a title and then become the Cardinals for the next five seasons.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Well how come that time bomb hasn't exploded in the face of Wade Phillips - who, as a white Southern, "Bubba" type, one figures would be very negatively predisposed to someone like T.O.?
I think there's a lot of evidence to suggest that T.O. has matured in the past few years, and Phillips, by all accounts, has done a terrific job of handling Owens.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
And what about Donte' Stallworth, who wasn't anything even close to a "time bomb"? Had McNabb not been selfish and inconsiderate by nature and offered to restructure his obscenely bloated contract (the way Tom Brady stepped forward voluntarily and did a couple of years back), Stallworth would still be an Eagle, and McNabb would have been sacked at least 15 fewer times - and very possibly would not have gotten injured in the Miami game - and they would likely be 8-4 right now instead of 5-7.
I'm not familiar with any of the contract specifics, but I did find it puzzling that the Eagles let Stallworth leave.

I don't share your enthusiasm for Bernard Berrian. I think he's a #2 receiver and not a clear upgrade over Curtis.
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