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Originally Posted by Shawndo
Shaq + Wade + Riley = championship, barring injuries. Shaq's notorious for only showing up when it counts, but when he does show up- look out.

Obviously, most of you don't think the Heat will do as well as I predict, but I'm happy with my prediction.
Well if Shaq does show up, it is only for one quarter. In LA, it was the same. Dominates for one quarter and slows down. In Miami it was the same, dominate the likes of the Wizards and Nets for one quarter, and slows down.

Granted, sometimes one dominating quarter is all they need, but this team doesn't have the same feeling like last year. Shaq was much more into winning and sticking it to the Lakers. This year, getting his contract and teammates, he is much more laid back.

And defensively, Payton and Jason Williams was much worse than last years point guards. At least Keyon Dooling can step in and stay in front of someone, neither of those two can.
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