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Originally posted by SC-Lee
The odds are still 50/50 because there are only to outcomes: either goal or no goal. What actually happens is another story.
Lee, I think you're a little confused about this whole math thing. When you flip a coin, the odds of heads (or tails) is 50-50 because there are only two outcomes AND because each outcome is equally likely. When an NBA player takes a foul shot, there are only two outcomes, but NBA FT percentages are above 70%. When an NBA player takes a foul shot, or when an NHL player takes a penalty shot, the two outcomes are NOT equally likely to occur. Karen is right. I like the idea she proposed, although I have to think teams would almost always take the penalty shot. If you were sitting on a big lead, though, it might make more sense to take the power play and burn a couple minutes off the clock.
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