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Default Section I. The Bare Essentials

Whenever possible, all of the games scheduled for Sunday and Monday night that week will be included in the contest. NOTE: Any game played earlier than Sunday; i.e., on Thursday or Saturday - will not be included, except in years when Christmas Day falls on a Sunday and most of the games are played on Saturday, December 24 instead.

The first line for each game posted at the web site after both teams had played their previous week's games will form the basis for the picks. On occasion this service will keep a game off the board initially - generally due to injuries etc. When this arises, a line from an alternate source may be used instead; this will be noted in the thread that starts that week's contest. Rarely, even the latter will not be available until very late in the week, in which event the game in question will be omitted from the contest due to time constraints.

In addition, each poster is required to designate three picks as Best Bets, which will be used to break ties between those who have the same overall spread records for the week. Pushes count as ties (half a win, half a loss) in determining both the overall and Best Bet records.

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