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Default Tom Brady

I was not going to write this post until after the Colts / Patriots game but since it was brought up tonight at the PTI halftime show, I'll post it now

If Tom Brady breaks Manning's record for TD passes and pass rating AND wins the SB this season. Is he the greatest QB in NFL history?

I would think so, because along with 4 SB's (2 SB MVP's), he would hold those records and I think that would make him the greatest. When I think of greatest QB's I think or records and SB's. He would be tied for the most SB's of all time and I think with breaking those records (or at least setting a bench mark for the next QB to break them) that would push him over the edge against all others.

To me, our great QB's like Manning hold these records... but he's had so much talent to throw to over the years. Brady had no one and still was able to grind out 3 SB's. That's amazing - the other teams that won 3 bowls in 4 years had WR's named Irvin and Rice (the best to ever play the game some may argue). Now that Brady has a WR named Moss we are seeing just how good he really is. Can you imagine if he had guys like Harrison or Moss to throw to since 2001? There would probably be no debate of who the best is. He would hold all the records and have about 4 SB rings by now.

One thing Wilbon brought up that bothered me (I like Wilbon too) was that he said Brady has had "no signature moments". I honestly couldn't believe he said that! How bout that last drive in 2001 to beat the Rams as 14 point underdogs? That has gone down as one of the best moments in SB history. In 2003 he did the same thing again to beat the Panthers. What more do you want for signature moments?

I know its still early but it has been on my mind. Obviously as a Pats fan I'm having a lot of fun this season watching him. I'm sure everyone's sick of all the talk this season too, as there are OTHER QB's out there playing the game! But I just wanted to bring it up and debate it.

Your thoughts?
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