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Let's not leave Norv Turner out of this discussion - or Brad Childress.

And I wouldn't characterize John Fox's or Jack Del Rio's job security as ironclad either.

Josh McDaniels is also in the pink-slip mix - as are both Lovie Smith and Andy Reid, if their teams go from here where I think both of them go from here.

As for Wade Phillips' potential successor: Don't ask me to go into elaborate detail, but somehow Bill Cowher strikes me as someone Jerry Jones would go after before Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy or Brian Billick. Replacing Reid with Dungy might be the thing that keeps Michael Vick in Philly, if that's the direction the Eagles want to go at quarterback; otherwise Gruden, once the Eagles' offensive coordinator, makes more sense. Similarly, one-time Minnesota offensive coordinator Billick makes eminent good sense to succeed Childress.

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