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Originally posted by Noon
holy crap. i had to take a nap between scenario 17 and 18. then i had to eat a sandwich between 29 and 30, or i wouldn't have made it through.

but even with the overload of information, it was a very good post. although i was disappointed when scenerio 31 didn't make the list.

Scenerio 31: teams A and B square off in a 'Over-the-Top' Battle Royal. The winner of the Battle Royal will move ahead to take on team C in a "Survivor Series" match. The winning team from that match will then get to pick one participant to take on a participant from team D in a Steel Cage/Ladder match. Winner goes to the playoffs.

Didn't they do that in the XFL?

And isn't there a limit as to how long one post can be on this board? If there is I'm surprised I didn't exceed it!

Well anyway, if the NFL was going to do something like this it would be necessary for them to spell out what would happen in every eventuality (and I'm sure even I missed a few). But I'm surprised no one "objected" to the fact that the 1 and 2 seeds could have as many as three weeks off after the end of the regular season before playing their first playoff games if two weeks' worth of tie-breaking playoff games were necessary in a given year. In such a circumstance, the tie-breaking games could be held say, five rather than seven days apart (at night and on prime time, which the networks would find totally awesome), and maybe the wild-card games moved a day or two in either direction, and the rough spots could be smoothed out that way, so to speak.

All this leads up to another one of my favorite arguments, and that concerns overtime in the regular season: If the NFL tweaked overtime so that just three or four games a year would end in a tie (simply shortening the overtime from 15 minutes to 10 minutes would do the trick), at least the wildest scenarios would almost certainly never arise (because the teams playing the tie games would finish either a half-game ahead of or a half-game behind other teams, instead of finishing with the same record).

But this is the second-best thing to do with the two weeks that should be cut from the preseason, of course - the 18-game regular season being the best solution.

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