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Originally posted by buckeyefan78

Why can't we just eliminate overtime all together, with games ending in ties at the end of the 4th quarter? Wouldn't that simple switch lead to a better tie breaker then " points scored in the conference" or whatever tie breakers are used now? With teams having more ties then now, it would work well. And in reality, I think it would force teams at the end of the year to take more risks for W's, knowing ties are hurting them, which will result in a W or L either way. Plus, it would liven up the NCFL...THE NATIONAL CONSERVATIVE FOOTBALL LEAGUE. I'm SOOOOO against more games it ain't funny.

Good post btw.

That would be going too far - with all the parity in the league today you'd be having teams finishing with records like 7-5-4 (the record, by the way, in percentage terms, for most tie games in a season was in 1967, when nine of the 112 games played within the 16-team, pre-merger NFL ended in a tie; that would come out to 20 or 21 tie games in today's league, which plays 256 games - and there was far less "competitive balance" then than now, so the number would probably be even higher - about 25 or so). If the league simply shortened the overtime to ten minutes, you would probably see four to six games a year end in a tie - which would allow most close playoff races to be decided by half-game margins (i.e., a 9-6-1 team beating out a 9-7 team for the last wild card, which actually happened in the NFC last year), instead of five teams tying for the last two spots and my "Scenario 25" coming into play (as happened in the AFC last year).

And to answer your question, Skinswin - it probably took me about an hour and a half to arrive at all the scenarios I posted; and others do exist, such as five teams tying for three playoff spots, that I didn't even get to (when you get to that level you would need three rounds' worth of playoffs to break the tie - which is why changing overtime would make a great deal of sense; that way, with a few tie games every year, the worst logjams in the standings wouldn't have any real chance of ever happening).

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