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I disagree with the assertion that Ricky is a victim of the government's war on drugs. As far as i can tell, he's primarily a victim of the NFL's drug policy, which i believe is a just policy.

I'm leery of allowing marijuana for medical use because i fear abuse, but i'm not necessarily against the idea. For instance, everybody faces SOME anxiety-- I don't trust doctors to diagnose this accurately. But...

I believe marijuana should be legal. Blackdogsong is wrong about it never killing anyone-- see Marley, Bob, who died from cancer at 40. But it is not especially dangerous and the harsh penalties for use (and moreso for delivery) are way out of whack with its threat to society. The best arguments for outlawing marijuana are that it's a "stepping stone drug" and that it goes hand-in-hand with criminality, but I believe this is only true BECAUSE it is illegal-- the only "stepping stone" involved is the one involved in breaking the law. Make it legal and it loses much of its mystique and its criminal association. Anti-marijuana laws are irrational and unjust and should be overturned immediately.
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