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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Now Amare is out for the year with a detached retina (ouch)...

So in essence, with all the trade rumors surrounding him, it's like they traded him for nothing.

Can the Suns even make the postseason now? I say maybe as a 7th- or 8th-seed if Shaq stays healthy.
I know! detached retina.... wtf? that somehow just sounds more painful and cringeworthy than a lot of other injuries.

I doubt Steve Kerr is sleeping very well these nights.
Phoenix had a good thing going there for a while.
With Amare out for the year, they'll either fall short or get knocked out in the first round.
We'll see what's up next year. I hope Shaq moves though. I'd like to see him on LA's bench, but that's probably a pipe dream.
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