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Originally Posted by Jack Knoff View Post
I just watched the State of the Union - and I admit to having slammed a few beverages.

Maybe I can give you a recap tomorrow
It's obvious that Barry has a HUGE disconnect with both reality and with a large segment of the American people.

There are two critical areas that needed to be addressed in the State of the Union - and he barely hit on either of them.
Just ponderous.

1. The deficit
2. The wars/foreign policy

The HUGE deficit, HUGE current deficit spending, and HUGE proposed deficit spending are things that adults need to talk over and seriously need to come to terms with.
A course of action needs to be clearly set and followed to navigate us out (hopefully) of the mess we are in.

This current clown in charge said exactly jack squat about the issue other than to say that he wants to put a five year freeze on 'discretionary spending' at current levels.

At CURRENT levels.


Memo to Barry: We're running a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit for just ... THIS ... year.

And buffoons sit there and applaud.

Just UNbelievable.

COMPLETELY oblivious to reality.

We either come to grips with this situation or we are dead in the water - and this 'tard thinks we can add health care on to the current 1.5 trillion yearly deficits he's running.

Seriously, WTF??

Who exactly are the m0rons that support this iodot?

We have troops fighting and DYING in 2 wars now that have been going on nearly a decade, and B.O. barely said anything about it.
The people needed to hear from their president about it in some detail.
Current situations.
Where we are going.
What the objective is.
What we can expect.

We got almost nothing.

A frightening disconnct.

We need some SERIOUS leadership in America before it's really too late.

That freakshow the other night made me ill.

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