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Originally posted by SC-Lee
Okay, this "slump" of his was what?? 5 tourneys with no victory?? His long previous "slump" was the start of the 2001 season when he didn't win the first 6 tourneys he enterd. SIX.

Some guys are more than happy to win six in a CAREER.

He is number TWO on the money list this year, and he's only played TEN tournaments, compared to Mike Weir who is #1, played in 13 tounaments, and is only $22,000 ahead of Woods.

Woods has already won FOUR tournaments this year alone!! And he has won at least 4 tourneys in each of the last 5 years!! Again, that would be a career for some golfers.

In the world golf rankings he still leads by over 7.20 points!!! The gap between Els and Weir for 2nd and 3rd is only 1.4 points!!!

This guy is a MACHINE. Just because a guy who writes for SI or whatever and never watches golf looks and says Woods is in a "slump" because he hasn't won in... 2 months?... doesn't mean he is. [email protected]^. Get a life. HE HAS WON 40% OF HIS TOURNAMENTS THIS YEAR!!!!! There are 50 winners on the PGA Tour tournament a year. If there are 100 golfers in a tournament, there are 5,000 people competing for only 50 trophies... If there are 50 winners a year, a 5,000 competitors a year, only ONE PERECENT are in the winner's circle, and if Woods wins just ONCE more this year, he takes of TEN PERCENT of that lonely ONE percent!!!!!!!...

P.S. Marc, he TIED the tourney record, he did NOT break it.

@^%!. People, have you ever actually golfed? Do you know how HARD it is to even shoot par on a PAR-3 course?? You have to shoot 27 shots over 1,500 yards to shoot Par on a Par-3 course. Play 5 rounds in one day and 5 rounds the next day against 100 other people. How many did you win? 10%? I think not.

There is no way this man will win once a week or once a month or once every two months. Watch golf for GOLF... not for Tiger Woods. Or else, just stop commenting on it and stop reading this junk about "Tiger Woods' slump." I'm surprised he hasn't lost it yet over these dumb questions. I sure am.
LOL Thank You. I just didn't want to take the time to type all that down. Well done.
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