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Thursday, September 9:
NEW ENGLAND 3 over Indianapolis (9:05 PM EDT) NE
--Last time a jilted AFC Title loser came to Foxboro after the Pats won a SB... Kordell's career came crashing to its inevitable final stage.
Sunday, September 12:
MIAMI 2 over Tennessee Tenn BB
--Tempted to go with Miami, but I don't believe in them at all, so...
PITTSBURGH 3 1/2 over Oakland Oakland
--Think the Steelers pull it out, but in a squeaker. Three and a half is just too many points...
WASHINGTON 2 1/2 over Tampa Bay Wash
--Washington could surprise many and win this in a walk. Or struggle and win by one. I'm going with the former.
Baltimore 2 1/2 over CLEVELAND Baltimore BB
--Baltimore may actually kill Jeff Garcia. Difficult to score with a dead QB.
BUFFALO 3 over Jacksonville Jax
--I'm torn. I think Buffalo wins straight up. But not by much.
N.Y. JETS 3 1/2 over Cincinnati Cincy
--Cincy opens the season with a stunning upset.
CHICAGO 3 over Detroit Detroit
--Whoever wins, won't be by much. Lions cover.
ST. LOUIS 9 1/2 over Arizona Arizona
--Vegas, or whoever set this line, refuses to see that the Rams are NOT VERY GOOD. Arizona is better, and this, while likely to go the Rams way in the end, will not be a cakewalk.
Seattle 1 over NEW ORLEANS Seattle BB
--I think this is one of the few games that actually COULD be a blowout, but for Seattle's bad road woes last year, I understand the spread.
HOUSTON 4 over San Diego Houston
--Um. Yeah, Houston covers. Easily.
--Eagles win, but not in a laugher. Coughlin will have his team ready. Warner will be the overall goat, but won't throw away his job the way he did last year.
MINNESOTA 3 1/2 over Dallas Minn
--I'd take the Vikes to cover a 5-point spread in this one.
Atlanta 4 over SAN FRANCISCO SF
--Don't think that Atlanta can actually win this game. And I HATE SF right now. But they win. And, Schaub is QB before game's end.
DENVER 3 over Kansas City Denver
--Who can score more points? Broncos at home.

Monday, September 13:
CAROLINA 2 over Green Bay Carolina
--So Vegas believes, as of this spread, that GB will win. That's fine. Panthers win, cover, and Anthony's flash in the pan analogy will have burned itself out so fast, folks will wonder what the hell team he was talking about.

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