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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Oh, and a little fact that has to be said even though it'll make me sound bad. This is a privately-owned site, so yes, it is a dictatorship. I pay the bills, so I can do whatever the fuck I want.
Now there's logo material...

Inexperience? How many admins do you know have run boards for 9 years? And I've served leadership positions on much larger forums in the past, providing more experience.
I stand corrected. You know it all...

And what exactly gives you the credibility to lecture me on experience and administrative duties running a site?
Like I said before, I stand corrected.

I was silly enough to think that about 38 years of sales, marketing, scheduling, ordering, hiring/firing, delegating, maximizing employee talents, trouble shooting, problem solving, etc., with 22+ years of those in my own business in the real world could somehow compare to the trials & tribulations of buying the vBulletin software with Dad's money & toiling hour after hour at home while 'constantly tweaking' a "life's work" on a sports site on the world wide web. Shame on me...

I stand corrected once again...

We have good mods in place on most of the boards. There isn't a need for more mods; there's a need for more regular posters. Mods are there to enforce the rules and keep things in order, but also be my eyes and ears and an extension of me. The site is too small to need all this bureaucratic organization and levels. With a few active mods, it's fine.
Yea, you listen and read well. Who said we need more mods?

Again, this site simply needs posters to talk sports and quit worrying about things. These posts deter new members. Take some initiative and keep your chin up.
"Take some initiative""...& did you really say "keep your chin up"?

Originally Posted by themush View Post
Can we not talk about this in my thread.

Move this crap elsewhere..... thank you.
Originally Posted by davematthews3 View Post
Is this a bitch and moan message board. I mean did everyone take some of Manny's female furtility drugs. Or is this a Sports message board.
You guys are right. No more from me. Put me down for at least 2 to 3 posts a week when I see you guys around. :thumbup:
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