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Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) View Post
This stuff has been bubbling under the surface for a while now. The thing is he plays in Pittsburgh and is not hanging out in places where there is a lot of papparazzi and the like so stuff does not get out there as quickly. If he played somewhere like Miami, NY, Philly, etc. he probably would have been outed for being a douche long before now.

When rumors of the Steelers looking to deal him started making the rounds everyone started saying there is more to this than the bar incident in Ga. They have known for a while how much of a scum bag he really is.

The sad thing is how long it took for all this to come out. :thumbdown: STOP PROTECTING ATHLETES WHO SCREW UP! He won a superbowl, so he's safe, if he played for, I don't know, Detroit, he'd be in jail. Am I completely off base saying that?
I don't know about that. I mean your prime witness was hammered at the time the alleged incident happened. They have no real physcial evidence nor a credible witness who was sober at the time. The Sheriff and the DA know that all they really have is circumstantial evidence and witnesses that a decent lawyer could discredit by establishing the fact they were not sober at the time of the incident.

The DA wanted to drop the hammer on this guy but knew his case was extremely weak without a credible witness or concrete physical evidence.
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