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This is a totally awesome time for conspiracy theorists: Based on an extremely suspicious line movement, one can safely assume that Vick will start this Sunday against his former team: A few "off-shore" betting services were quoting a line of pick'em or even the Falcons as a 1-point favorite Monday; but the "consensus opening" line, posted Tuesday morning, installed the Eagles as a 3-point favorite.

What that tells you should be painfully obvious (and BTW, since off-shore lines are not the source of first resort for our NFL Pointspread Contest, the Eagles -3 spread is the one against which the picks therein will be made).

And wouldn't you know: This game is being telecast as the "featured" early game by FOX nationally, as this link graphically attests. Now this doesn't have anything to do with Vick garnering higher ratings, would it? Or is that just another conspiracy theory?
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