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Well said Aristides. This exact topic seems to come up EVERY golf season. If Tiger is in a slump, so is the rest of the PGA Tour. Golf is not a game where you can dominate by having a physical advantage over someone. It requires alot of finess and, for those who haven't played, requires alot of thought.

I've seen the same tournaments where he is hitting the ball 10 feet away and missing putts but this isn't a slump. It's the GAME OF GOLF. Every golf course they play is setout different, every golf course is maintained differently, and alot of them use different materials, you CAN'T expect him to play the exact same on each one at every tournament.

He's the best player in the world, he's not a miracle worker. We've all come to expect a little too much from him and we should just let him play his game, the game he knows better than any of us.
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