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Default Another HUGE Week in College Football

Yes, Bama AL is back. Got this computer fixed for good, finally. Its been a great college football season and we've got another HUGE week here. This is what I think about some of the games tomorrow.

Ohio St. vs. Michigan -- I think that Ohio St.'s defense will shut down Michigan's offense and the Buckeyes will win in a close one. Look for Michigan to have two more turnovers than Ohio St.

USC vs. UCLA -- I think the Trojans are a good bit better than the Bruins. I think that USC will win this game pretty convincingly.

Ole Miss vs. LSU -- I think this will be a CLOSE one. Ole Miss's offense has some success against LSU's defense but not enough, LSU wins.

OU vs. Texas Tech -- Texas Tech's offense has little success against OU's defense, OU wins......easily.

Purdue vs. Indiana -- I know this is a rivalry but I dont see Indiana keeping this game close at all. Purdue wins very convincingly.

Washington vs. Washington St. -- See Purdue vs. Indiana. Cougars win very convincingly.

And finally.......

Alabama vs. Auburn -- I think that Alabama's run defense shuts down Auburn's running attack and The Crimson Tide win in a close one. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!
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