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30GB: 14 hrs music, 2 hrs video
60GB: 20 hrs music, 3 hrs video

Upgrade from BW (3G & prior) to color, yes, probably makes sense. If the 4G was still around in 6 months when I upgrade I would do it.
Upgrade from 4G (first with click wheel) to 5G, no sense based on the content available NOW.

In a year it will probably make sense for me to upgrade but I'm not going to pay $345 (CDN with student discount) for a 30GB version with a video feature I know I will not use.

For the record, I will ALWAYS own a PC and have a Mac on the side for fun if I ever buy one. Moves like Tuesday though really took me a big step back from being ready to buy one.

I do not know if I will post much, the hockey thing I really needed to add my thoughts on though so that is the reason for my probably temporary return. I hope I do not get vegetables thrown at me here.
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