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-i think Joe Girardi is a good fit for the Marlins. he is a younger guy who is running a pretty young team. their talent alone can get them into the postseason. McKeon just ruined their chemistry last season.

-the Red Sox need to pay Theo. he got them a ring and into the playoffs every year under his watch. pay him top dollar. what more could you have asked for him? if you told me that the Sox would have make it to the postseason without Schilling and Foulke almost all season I'd would have called you crazy.

-the Dodgers are pointing fingers at the wrong people for their bad season. the owner, Frank McCourt, needs to look into the mirror and open up his wallet if he wants results. he totally ripped that team apart letting Beltre, Finley, Core, Lo Duca, and Green all go. sure they didn't do much this season seperate but the 2004 Dodgers had a great chemistry and could have won the NL West in 05 easily.

-Manny is nuts. Boston needs to keep him. do whatever he wants. serve him dinner in the dugout in between innings. massage his feet. whatever. him and Ortiz are an epic duo that is key to any future the Red Sox are dreaming of.

-speaking of Boston perhaps Torii Hunter could play center for the Sox? the word is the Damon won't be around next year. Hunter is a great defender, hits for avg, and can steal a base. if it happens hopefully he doesnt rip his foot off like the last time he was in Fenway...

-i'd actually more intrested to see what happens to the Braves due to Mazzone's departure. will Bobby Cox have the magic left? the O's do have some good pitchers. Bruce Chen is a guy to look out for along w/ the guys who mentioned. he had some good stretches during the season and could find a more consistent rhythm w/ MLB's best pitching coach.

-Raffy has to be done, right? no one is going to want his guy in their clubhouse. Sosa will probably have one last run somewhere who is stupid enough to sign him. Tampa Bay would be by guess. depends on how much he really thinks someone will pay him to sneeze his way onto the DL.

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