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I'll try to be as delicate as possible Rob...or maybe not.

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
People want Marc to post less about hooking up with women and driving cars, but that's Marc and I think it's nice that he shares stuff about his personal life on the boards. If Marc had some other type of personality-- if it was Buck running the site-- would anything be different? I really don't think so. Marc's tried to run the boards the best that he can.
Tarkus already addressed this pretty well but I'll just second the fact that if this is Marc's "heart and soul" his lack of inclusion has made most of the elder members confused or at the very least: skeptical.

The one part of this place that would be different if I were running the boards would be the delegation of duty. In the past it could be written off as Marc not having the experience to understand and recognize members who could help him but after all these years it just seems as if he's gonna remain 13 forever...or deaf forever. Not to offend his current mods but whatever effectiveness they had in making this place better died a long time ago. I'm not usually a proponent for change for the sake of change (but I would add younger folks generally are and Marc falls into that category) but it's evident change is needed. So, just for the record, Marc pretty much let folks like Sue and Mike (for example) slip thru the cracks. Cuz if I'm too big of an asshole (perhaps guilty as charged) or if Tarkus is...while there are others. Or were others.

If you're saying I would have the same personality as I do now if I was in're correct. But the difference is Rob I (and a host of others here) would be able to recognize who could help me and what I needed to do to get there while managing who I was. If this post isn't offensive enough with age discrimination (which Marc will probably charge with me) then let me put it over the top with this - you'll understand this last paragraph when you're older....or at the very least...I hope you will.

Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Rather than cutting others' throats, we should just be happy that the few of us that are left are still here.
This is pretty much a defeated attitude Rob. That's fine but just like on the Titanic, we had life boats pretty much unused and forgotten about before it sunk.
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