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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Everything dies at some point, message boards included.

People want Marc to post less about hooking up with women and driving cars, but that's Marc and I think it's nice that he shares stuff about his personal life on the boards. If Marc had some other type of personality-- if it was Buck running the site-- would anything be different? I really don't think so. Marc's tried to run the boards the best that he can.

What's going to save the boards: a new owner, new mods, new rules, a new layout? I doubt any of it would make a difference. Unless SC shows up on the news tomorrow or Marc puts together a huge marketing scheme, northing's going to change.

The times are changing. I'm not afraid to be the message board nihilist: Message boards are dead.

Rather than cutting others' throats, we should just be happy that the few of us that are left are still here.
I appreciate this post, Rob. Look, I'm 23. My life is about cars, sports, and women. So I post about that. I'm only being myself and being honest. Had I not shared anything, I'd be attacked for being robotic operator (and I have in the past). So here I am, love me or hate me, but I'm me. I'm a different me than I was when ran this at 15, and I'll probably be talking about kids and stuff when I'm 30. That's why this site is my life's work, it's been the one constant and overall, I'm proud of it.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
Nothing wrong with that at all. Posts are always a good thing but when you're in the power chair, more is expected.
Like what? You want to talk about being vague? Look in the mirror. I'm sick of vague criticism. Everything here is in place: we have a solid set of rules by which the site is governed, good moderators, a good layout ... I've done all I can do to facilitate a successful forum. And I'm always trying to tweak and implement suggestions.
However, he's been more than vocal that things are fine the way they are & that it's up to the members which isn't true.
Fundamental disagreement: I think a forum community is about the COMMUNITY. Not about ME. I am but a part of it. I've done all I can do to create a good place to discuss sports, and you are unfairly blaming me by expecting more.

He's also been a big proponent of 'community' which requires more 'community' input which has also been swept under the rug when it seems others want something tried that doesn't follow his whims. That's more a dictatorship & at least should be more upfront.
WTF, I have implemented numerous suggestions, from sig images to removing the censorship. Again, another vague accusation. Sorry I can't drop everything I'm doing at once and do whatever is suggested, but I sure as hell do implement new things when there is a consensus approving it.

Oh, and a little fact that has to be said even though it'll make me sound bad. This is a privately-owned site, so yes, it is a dictatorship. I pay the bills, so I can do whatever the fuck I want. If you don't like it, go build your own site. ANY private site is in essence a dictatorship. But I do listen to feedback and try to run it keeping it mind what the members want, because that's part of being a good admin.

I guess what's 'lost in translation' is that there's been no vision in keeping the board relevant with changing times/mods/board layout/etc. That's just inexperience but if that point was ever mentioned in the past, it was met with a defensive posture about age. Sorry but it's been the truth all along.
Inexperience? How many admins do you know have run boards for 9 years? And I've served leadership positions on much larger forums in the past, providing more experience. I haven't set idle while times changed. I've continually upgraded the boards so they run the latest software with the latest features. This layout is similar and just as good as any other forum.

And what exactly gives you the credibility to lecture me on experience and administrative duties running a site?
To run a site like this, one has to be constantly aware of what each mod/poster brings to the site. By putting the right mods, as example, in place, you lessen the burden on yourself & allow the site to stay focused without being overbearing. You can also benefit by luring the right posters in (not just mod positions) newly formed roles in various forums, to taking a more active role & also inviting new blood. That's Networking Basics 101...
We have good mods in place on most of the boards. There isn't a need for more mods; there's a need for more regular posters. Mods are there to enforce the rules and keep things in order, but also be my eyes and ears and an extension of me. The site is too small to need all this bureaucratic organization and levels. With a few active mods, it's fine.

Again, this site simply needs posters to talk sports and quit worrying about things. These posts deter new members. Take some initiative and keep your chin up.
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