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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
If you want a game that doesn't consider sportsmanship part of the sport, I guess you're stuck with something else. Really, I don't think we need rules that protect anyone's right to be a jackass.

Taunting is ridiculous and ugly at any level, but I think arguing that kids should be subject to taunting is kind of deranged. These guys aren't pros; most of them are just playing because they love the game. I played for a nationally-ranked D-III team; we used to beat people by 40 points. None of those kids deserved to get shown up more than they already were. Losing sucks plenty without having it rubbed in your face.

Speech is typically protected only if it doesn't hurt anyone. We have laws against libel and slander, you're not allowed to yell "fire" in a crowded theater, etc. Expression that explicitly "taunts" someone else has no place in civilized society. People who get off on that kind of thing are sociopaths, literally: deriving pleasure from humiliating others is a sign of serious mental illness.

But why stop there? Why not disqualify the entire team if they celebrate too much at the end of a game, and declare the other team the winner?

I'm all for disciplining "taunters" after the fact with fines, suspensions etc. But reversing the entire outcome of a play (or game) is asinine overkill - or, to trot out one of my favorite allegories, it's like William Tell using a cannon to shoot the apple off his son's head.

Some of us need to do what Mr. T. suggested in that Snickers commercial that aired in Britain but was kept off the air by the P.C. Thought Police on this side of the pond:

Get some nuts.
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