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Originally Posted by DETMURDS View Post
I think that if MLB doesn't have anyone worthy of going to the H.O.F., then there should be no problem with not inducting anyone. Keep it prestigious instead of making it a "let's find someone" show. I mean Alomar? C'mon,...what about Alan Trammel or Lou Whitaker? At least neither of them took the time to spit on an umpire!

I guess I have just lost the respect for this "award" since Pete Rose's name and statue are not in there. If they don't want Rose in there, then why do they have the great Detroit Tiger; Ty Cobb, and Yankee great Babe Ruth in there? They too were both jerks, but great ballplayers.

It should be awarded by the performance on the field as a player ONLY, not how good or bad of a person he was. Stop the double standards because we all know that Alomar tried to stir up the race card after his spit in that ump's face. What a jerk.
Haven't had a chance to reply until now. Thoughts:

--there's a big difference between being a jerk and flouting the "no betting on baseball/no throwing games" rule. Ed Delahanty certainly was a jerk, but that's not enough to prevent him being a HoF-er. But the actions taken by folks like Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson call the integrity of the game itself into question. Like it or not, betting on baseball and throwing games are baseball's equivalent to the death penalty per the folks who run the game, and people who break these rules have no one but themselves to blame. If such actions are ignored, baseball becomes no more legitimate than pro wrestling, and baseball's powers-that-be understandably don't want to see that happen.

--Roberto Alomar is no choirboy, but again, spitting on an umpire (bad as that is) is not something at the level of throwing a game or betting on one. His stats clearly show he belongs in, and the fact that he waited a year before being elected probably shows that some voters wanted to make a character based statement (the HoF bylaws say "character issues" are fair game to consider).

--I'm all for Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel being voted into the HoF. Sorry to say, it likely won't happen. I think both have good arguments.

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