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Originally posted by JakeLitwicki
Not one US Citizen that I know knows anything about Canada, nor cares to learn about it, other than their ungodly ability to play Hockey. And that they force NBA players to play up there.
Ha ha!!!... That was quite funny! However, SOME American must know SOMETHING about us up here, because that song "Blame Canada" from the movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" that was nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Song last year was halarious!!!, though probalby not many of you caught the funny parts about Anne Murray, or the girls dressed up in "red suits" dancing with Robin Williams... ANYWAYS.....

However, what's even funnier (<- THAT was said sarcastically) was the recent set of posts between you and Chris about Nunavut.

Chris -- you really got 100% in Social Studies? -- well, I guess you and I are the only good students in that category -- not 100% for me, but pretty close -- good enough for high mark in the subject the past few years.

Originally posted by JakeLitwicki
I wouldn't have known the answer to that question, and don't kid yourself. You can't name all the Canadian border STATES off the top of your head.
No, I probably couldn't... but if the answer was so obvious that the state was an island, or down south somewhere, I assure you that I could get the answer correctly.

So Rick... DO you know what Nunavut is? I assume Chris knows, and would be quite pleasantly surpised if anyone else did.

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