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I believe that your cynical view of government in general doesn't allow to recognize the differences between parties. They are both bad, so it doesn't matter.

Well it does matter. As I pointed out on another thread, people do better under progressive/liberal/democratic leadership.

Those same people you are talking about live better lives when we elect the lesser of two evils.

So all of your intellectual indifference is fine for this message board, but when it comes down to actually improving the lives of people in the gutter, your vote does nothing.

I do recognize the plight of the disadvantaged, that's why I spend time helping them. I don't have any money, but I give what I do have to certain charities.

I'm not trying to make this an argument of how "good" I am, that's not the point.

I vote Democrat because it helps people. If you can't understand that then I'm sorry. But don't tell me that I don't understand the plight of the disadvantaged. I've never lived it myself, but I see it regularly.

I can't hope to change you mind on any of this. You're older than me and lived a different life. All I can ask is that you understand my reasoning.
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