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t13 is a bit uhh......RAW in his presentation, but I agree with a number of his points.

Not sure what that says about me.

1. I like what Parcells brings to the table.

2. Dallas MIGHT be a lot better than people think. Their D-backfield will be real good and they "culture" of that team will make a dramatic switch with Parcells taking over for Mr Magoo, Campo.

3. Travis is right about the schedule thing. You can't guage strength of schedule at the beginning of the season. It's too unpredictable these days.

4. Hutchinson will be better than people think.

5. Not sure if Spurrier lacked strong male guidance lol, but he IS a weenie-to-the-max to look at on the sideline and he DID do a subpar job last year. I would not be surprised to see Dallas whip his behind a couple of times.

6. The Ravens will be better too. I don't agree with t13 that they'll be the AFC champ, but better, yes.

7. Brian Billick fighting Bill Cowher would be cool.

8. The Ravens have a SCARY set of 'backers.

9. Travis needs a new keyboard.......or something.

9a. I love Dave too.
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