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Tex- I agree with you to a point. You really have to compare the 'Boys' talent to what they play, and while they are weak offensively compared to the rest of their division, their defense should be fairly good. That'll work in their favor. They definitely lack obvious talent at QB and RB. Antonio Bryant is as talented a second-year WR in the league, however. Only problem there is that if Terry Glenn is teaching him... well, Glenn's not the world's best role model. And I think Witten could be the right TE for a Parcells' team, so I wouldn't cash in on him just yet. The real problem will be up front. Johnson will be a part of the solution. Coaching will also be a huge plus for the guys up front.

Heathen-- There're just too many possibilities in the NFL these days. I think the 'Hawks have as good a chance as anybody from the NFC West (I fully believe that Warner will prove himself to be the fraud I've been claiming he was without health as an excuse; I don't think the Niners will be able to find the end zone, and may struggle to keep folks out of it, and, well, the Cards are the Cards.)

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