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Another problem that arises with words. Admittedly, I probably used the word hallucinations too loosely, but I don't know of any better word to describe it. Again, what I am talking about, and probably didn't articulate correctly, is not that uncommon at all.
Gotcha... Perhaps you meant paranoia, or something of the sort?

I really don't want to argue about this any more; admittedly, I've smoked twice this week using a vaporizer and I'm not trying to make it out to be a bad thing, and I'm not trying to make it sound like bad reactions happen often, but it is completely naive to pretend like the mental effects are nothing; and I am not arguing that the physical effects are bad; I'm saying that there is a side to smoking that is never mentioned when arguing about pot.

Sounds good. I would just point out that perhaps people don't mention "that side" because they have never experienced it.

Take me as an example, the only "negative" I have ever experienced is coughing from taking too big a hit.
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