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Thumbs up Mark Cuban How Much Of A Loser Can One Guy Be?

I stayed up till midnight just to watch that retards face as they lost :wavey:
I loved every second of it. Infact I kept playing it back on my dvr as he came on to the court to clap for his team who will have a nice summer off with misery. Mark Cuban got so much attention for his STUPID remarks that it ruined Dallas's mentality. If the pressure of the finals was not enough you have some rich millionare who has no fin clue about the game storm off on David Stern and blame refs for losing? Cmon dumb ass... Who will he blame for that horrible pass that caused the game for them in the final seconds? This guy is a joke He's one of those guys who you see walking down the street and want to just walk up to them and sucker punch them on the face just for the hell of it. Not only does he look like a moron with his 3 stooges hair cut but his personality is one of a 12 year old kid. He has money but doesnt know how to use it. SPEND IT ON NBA RULES BOOK MARKY. Take some time and read about the rules of the game before you speak your stupid mind. Not knowing about a pass to backcourt rule after a time out? Wait does he own a basketball team? Oh ya he tries to act like he does? I think they should take the team away from him. He is to much of a moron to run a team. Maybe give him some junior high team to buy. Then he can yell and scream all he wants cause he will fit right in. Well gotta go I want to see his face again as the final buzzer sounds lol God I hate this guy and funny part is I'm not even a heat fan :lol:
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